Smart LED invites you into the future of lighting

 Think of a world with amazingly lighted internal and external spaces. Where every spot of  light is connected to a smart system that supplies high quality, reliable lighting which allows obtaining information and other services, and can provide an extraordinary value beyond lighting for users and administrators of the space.


 Energy savings

Up to 80% saving on conventional lighting


Personal customization to the area

Improves convenience, creativity and safety for user


Innovative environment

Creates a unique atmosphere with dynamic and focused lighting


Live information

Obtain real time information about the lighting system and its activities


Effective management

Remotely control lighting spot by spot, home and outside


Contact Customers

Use online experience to promote sales on store


Optimize business operation

Simplify workflows with an end-to-end integration system


The Route and Knowledge

Provide information and services to people in the illuminated spaces


Obtain a Deep Insight

Use historic data to improve activity and lighting experience


Integrate systems

Make your lighting system part of the digital ecology in your building or town

What is the unparalleled value of the smart lighting system?


Connecting Lamps

The lamps are uniquely identified and are integrated perfectly into your building’s or city’s IT network, and share information about their operational state

Connecting Spaces

Equipped with integrated sensors, every lamp becomes an intelligence spot that can share information about capacity, patterns of activity, temperature or humidity changes and level of daylight

connected people

Connecting People

By integrating wireless communications with the lighting system, you can provide location-based services and relevant information to people in the illuminated spaces via their smart phones.

Smart lighting gives you great customer insights, allows you to deliver great customer experience, creates a personal work environment and adds a layer of intelligence to the  environment that can respond and make the necessary adjustments  to the preferences and needs of people

Control Software

With our lighting management smart software, space administrators can route and manage the lighting system in real time.

You can store, image and analyze historical information regarding lighting performance

Such system can transform public spaces in the city into a smart city


Controlling the scene

Smart lighting systems can integrate with other systems in the building or city. Establishing co-operation between them can make innovation and efficiency an inseparable part of your new digital ecology.


Solar Lighting

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control system

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Find the system that works for you

There is more than one size. At Smart LED, we will walk you through the process of finding the specific lighting that is the most suitable for your business, organization and goals.

Smart LED system experts will work with you to identify the features for the specific system you need. We will help you plan a system that will serve the company needs now and in the future, bearing in mind the development of your business.

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