A stylized design and excellent lighting play a great role in making unforgettable experience, like the food we eat or serve.

Smart LED smart lighting systems will add a totally new level of response for retail spaces and hosting. Smart lighting integrates software products into a sophisticated, intuitive lighting management system with digital control and top of the line Smart Led lamps that will give you centralized control over all the light spots in your area. With a deeper understanding of your customers’ activities and preferences, you can customize the lighting to create positive, unforgettable experience, while reaching your goals of efficiency and energy sustainability that are the cornerstone of your brand.




Food and large retailers



The right light at the right place

Put your top products at the front

With dynamic led lighting and control, you can find the perfect lighting color in order to best present your merchandise. You can customize the atmosphere for a certain time of the year or day in order to emphasize the colors of specific items.

Make your space welcoming

Use dynamic lighting and sophisticated control to make a unique atmosphere in the store and give your customer a reason to stay in and come again. Make your public area or retail space a place full of transformative color – the perfect way to create a buzz and make your product shine.


Control with no competition, Consistent customer experience

Our control is sophisticated and flexible, involving professional lamps that save energy and ensure a great and reliable experience for the customer. With digital control solutions, you can apply a design concept consistently and carefully, even across entire store chains, restaurants and hotels. Choose the optimal lighting for different displays and areas, and then adjust the lighting pattern to the individual areas of the store. Improve the atmosphere of a room or in the hotel restaurant, emphasize the retail aspect in the most fascinating, visual way and ensure that your space is displayed in the best way possible – while maximizing energy saving using capacity control and schedule-based dimming.

Find the system that works for you

There is more than one size. At Smart LED, we will walk you through the process of finding the specific lighting that is the most suitable for your business, organization and goals.

Smart LED system experts will work with you to identify the features for the specific system you need. We will help you plan a system that will serve the company needs now and in the future, bearing in mind the development of your business.

Find a Smart Led system expert