Exceptionally designed public lighting, managed with sophistication, can help communities prosper by innovating neighborhoods, attracting tourists and giving a sense of security to both tourists and residents. An extensive lighting system can make the difference between a city and an appreciated destination.

Remotely controlled smart asset management, smart dimming by location-based settings and intelligent energy measurement, make Smart LED remote control systems an essential change in managing lighting in public.

Smart lighting creates integrating solutions that promise the best possible experience for  residents, along with enhancing their efficiency and management of work processes, as well as reducing the costs for cities down to a minimum.









Managing a better lighting in the simplest way

With lighting management software for your system, you can significantly reduce energy consumption for your city, operational complexity, as well as costs, while making the maintenance process more efficient.

With the lighting system connected to Smart LED, you can light city centers, parks and traffic routes effectively and flexibly. You can provide the exact levels of lights – where and when it is needed, as well as adjust your plans for light changing – all through a simple management web-based interface.

Planning, controlling and managing the entire lighting infrastructure is easier than ever – with environmental and budgetary advantages for the city.

Be ready to show your commitment

Governments and municipal organizations have a unique opportunity to show leadership regarding efficient energy and sustainability. You can show your commitment to such initiatives by installing energy saving smart lighting systems in order to become more efficient in terms of operation in your facilities and in public areas.

With the potential of 70% or more energy saving compared to conventional lighting systems, as well as smart lighting management and other services and resources, you can turn your building or public space into a display window for lighting in the future, adapting sustainable solutions to your community.


Smart Cities – Complete Readiness

Smart LED lighting systems can make lighting the recovery component of your city. Public lighting ensures safety when it is flexible, responsive and integrated – when it is smart.

With the help of lighting systems, you can create opportunities for city managers to reduce environmental impact and provide the best lighting experience for visitors and residents.

Quality lighting can also help you attract new residents

Smart LED lighting system provides energy efficiency and cost reduction in municipal environments – but there are more advantages.

With the correct mix of lighting that includes a dynamic color-changing LED lighting, you can create brilliant features for your city that can make an incredible impact on the local community.

By placing architectural lighting on bridges, city centers, building fronts, cafes, parks and monuments, you can facilitate tourism and bring people to such areas.

Make your city a primary player

Top quality view and architectural lighting can make your city beautiful while emphasizing historical features such as bridges, museums and monuments. With careful, advanced planning, external lighting can create an amazing futuristic night view that can make your town a display for all.

LED lighting and architectural lighting solutions can improve your city’s pride while maximizing the existing values, supporting the city’s strength and promoting the sense of safety and security for both residents and visitors.


Clearer, Safer and Greener

Smart LED lighting systems create innovative solutions for cities that make them beautiful and inspiring. At the same time, they respect the gentle, existing balance between the city’s identity and its residents’ needs.

Smart LED has the impeccable expertise and knowledge that allows us to develop practical and beautiful lighting solutions which are stable and efficient in terms for energy.

It is well known that inefficient lighting consumes Earth’s most precious resources and that its emission can affect the quality of the air we breathe. However, it is also important to understand the influence of artificial light on our sleep and other natural processes that affect our general life quality. By limiting light to when and where it is needed, our solutions will help you find the dark sky: for the sake of the beauty of nature and its preservation.

Find the system that works for you

There is more than one size. At Smart LED, we will walk you through the process of finding the specific lighting that is the most suitable for your business, organization and goals.

Smart LED system experts will work with you to identify the features for the specific system you need. We will help you plan a system that will serve the company needs now and in the future, bearing in mind the development of your business.

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