The lighting in offices and industrial spaces has a deep impact on the well-being and productivity of an employee. By making the lighting and the work environment more efficient, you can recruit more employees, keep your highly valued employees – and increase the overall value of your facility.

Using Smart LED smart lighting systems, you can manage the lighting in your facility exactly the way you want, by combining control strategies that allow you to provide the optimal light levels for the performance of your tasks in the most effective and safe manner. By combining the lights with sophisticated control and extensive management systems, you can make your business operation more efficient,  while saving energy and ensuring employees’ wellness.






Parking garages



Insights on efficient management

The smart lighting system includes intelligent maps that merge with the IT infrastructure and the facility’s power supply system. Since the lighting is installed almost everywhere people walk, the lighting system can serve as an expanding data communication platform.

By customizing the lighting system with integrated sensors, managers can obtain deep insights into how to use spaces and make sophisticated decisions. Facility managers can use the information to improve the efficiency of their lighting supply and other resources, such as air conditioning and cleaning, and to ensure the accomplishment of austerity goals.

Their own way

 The smart lighting system allows employees in offices and facilities to act as owners and operators of their own facilities.

Using the smart systems you can entrust your employees with controlling the lighting in their specific workplaces to make it suit their personal preferences, this being applicable to open spaces, as well. By improving the quality of light and convenience and giving your employees more control over their environment, the lighting systems can make your workplace more productive and pleasant.

Lighting your work environment

Office lighting can be more than just functional. With glowing textile, interactive carpets, and a LED lighting that can change colours dynamically or statically, you can create environment experiences and creative workplaces that can improve employee Wellness and productivity.

Light the way to a good day

A recently published research shows a significant relationship between light and biological rhythms

Our “biological clocks” are attuned to periods of sleep-wake states,  relaxation and stimulation. Designing lighting experiences of different types based on different quantities of the right type of light provided in a sustainable way – can have a positive effect on our focus, meditation, and sleeping habits, contributing to the general feeling of health and well-being.


The Right Lighting – Where and when you need it

By means of a simple control system, Smart LED lighting systems can adjust lighting for different applications or different areas of your business. Task lighting, general lighting, conference room lighting, sitting areas, hallways and parking lots, all require different minimum and ideal levels of lighting. Smart LED provides you with a simple and flexible system based on a time setting schedule which will adjust the optimal lighting experience for you and create the appropriate atmosphere, anytime and anywhere you need it .

Integration with existing recognition systems, movement sensors, controlled daylight, shading and other intelligent systems, allows your businesses to maximize energy efficiency without sacrificing convenience and lighting efficiency.

Find the system that works for you

There is more than one size. At Smart LED, we will walk you through the process of finding the specific lighting that is the most suitable for your business, organization and goals.

Smart LED system experts will work with you to identify the features for the specific system you need. We will help you plan a system that will serve the company needs now and in the future, bearing in mind the development of your business.

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