Accurate Lighting Experience

Smart LED lighting system helps people feel comfortable, productive and safe. It makes places beautiful and changes the atmosphere.

Our lighting systems are a combination of global standard LED lamps and analogous or digital lamps operation that provides you the accurate lighting experience at any time and wherever needed.

We create lighting systems that prioritize utilizing the existing energy to reduce operational costs.

We focus on improving life and efficiency in using internal and external environments. We provide you with everything from general to functional lighting, including spectacular lighting changes, that will help you promote your product, social interaction and recover communities.

At Smart LED, we have an extensive expertise and a variety of products and services that can make your goals attainable with effective lighting. You can trust us to understand your goals and  provide you with the assistance you need for a perfect implementation of the designed solutions, in order to ensure the ideal lighting for your specific lighting needs.


 Energy Savings

With LED Based Systems and Controls


Cost Reduction

Using energy saving lighting only when and where needed


Customized to Atmosphere

Enhance the atmosphere and create the best customer experience


Relax and Motivate

Create an improved environment and make people feel relaxed


Improve Your Brand

Amazing lighting has the power to give spark to your brand.


Change the Environment

With colorful and dynamic colors with a full spectrum of light


Create a Show

Amaze and surprise with large scale lighting shows with changing colors


Productivity Support

Improve the essence of your business, promote welfare and improve performance with light


Light wash the Cities

Beautiful lighting for fronts, monuments, bridges and roads


 Make business operation efficient

Customize lighting automatically to fixed schedules


What is our lighting system composed of?

At the very basic, our lighting system is composed of light bulbs and contains some type of control and services.

Choose from the wide variety of professional lamps that we can offer you and view our full lighting catalog

Get the accurate lighting experience you need with our wide variety of analogous and digital control solutions. From keypads through touch screens and sensors of our wonderful sophisticated control systems that can differentiate the control of tens of thousands of light spots – Smart LED has it all.

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Our services are available for you every step of the way, to assist you in identifying, installing and operating your lighting system.

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 For hosting and retail

A stylized design and excellent lighting play a great role in making unforgettable experience, like the food we eat or serve.


For offices and industry

The lighting in offices and industrial spaces has a deep impact on the well-being and productivity of an employee. By making the lighting and the work environment more efficient, you can recruit more employees, keep your highly valued employees – and increase the overall value of your facility.


For public spaces

Exceptionally designed public lighting, managed with sophistication, can help communities prosper by innovating neighborhoods, attracting tourists and giving a sense of security to both tourists and residents. An extensive lighting system can make the difference between a city and an appreciated destination.