About the company

With years of experience, Smart LED has extensive knowledge and a wide variety of products. We use the power of transformative light to make people feel more comfortable and productive  – by providing high quality light in public spaces, professional spaces, and at home. We use light to make people feel safer and comfortable; lights, as a source of entertainment, are energizing, attractive and create cities which are nicer to live in, meeting the daily needs of people.

Smart LED works with innovative lighting that can be installed at home, in offices, cities and retail spaces.

Smart LED is a pioneer in developing LED, a high quality energy saving lighting. Today, we have taken lighting into a fully digital world that connects people, places, lamps and devices.

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Come with us

Smart LED is known for its innovative products that have helped many. We are proud of our product creation and our groundbreaking technologies that change the way we live.

We invite you to take a part in this revolutionary journey and help us make a difference in people’s lives by LED lighting.


For consumers

Lighting can create an atmosphere. Whether you want a comfortable atmosphere in your living room or a hectic atmosphere in your kitchen, Smart LED has the solutions to any room in your home.

Suitable products


For Businesses

The correct lighting in your office can increase productivity, save energy and help efficiency. Check out which Smart LED product can be suitable for your office needs.

Suitable products


Be Green, Be better

Smart businesses don’t work only for profit – they are also all about being green, sustainable and responsible. It is the balance between today’s requirements and tomorrow’s demands.

Our lighting improves life and creates a sustainable value beyond lighting, for our customers and our society. How do we work towards this goal? First, we understand that the world needs more light: more energy efficient light and more digital light. This is the reason why we promote smart lighting that will bring economic, environmental and social benefits, both to our clients and to people around the globe. Our lighting system and our existing plans aspire for providing save energy, creating safer cities, increasing office productivity, helping people learn, heal and grow food, and decreasing light poverty. Finally, we are committed to sustainable activity – we work towards carbon-neutral activities with zero waste and zero injuries.